Thumper is a triple motor rabbit which is sure to please everyone. Thumper offers 7 programs and a 100% body-safe, waterproof exterior. whisper quiet and ultra-powerful, Thumper makes the perfect couples toy.


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The Thumper Rabbit Style Vibrator is a rechargeable vibrator designed to be efficient for any woman looking for that extra sense of stimulation. Designed with a slim and narrow body, it has a silicone texture that is soft while keeping a grip that is easy for a woman to hold.

The controller at the base of the vibrator is small and yet easy to distinguish and control as required. It uses three motors to keep the vibrations running smoothly. The vibrations are generated carefully an accurately without being rough on the user’s body. This in turn allows the vibrator to stay functional and active quite well without being hard on the woman who is using it.

The design is prepared with a beautiful setup that is easy to hold and will not become loose. People who are interested in finding vibrators should see how the Thumper Rabbit Style Vibrator can be designed.

These are made with beautiful designs that are attractive and fascinating.

The advantages of the Thumper Rabbit Style Vibrator are unique

Double power in one – The separate motors on the vibrator will run quickly without being too hard to use as necessary
* Number of patterns – There are seven vibration patterns within this unit. These are easy to control through simple controller
* Easy and silent – The device is also quiet and easy to hold without worrying about the handle vibrating too much. The main tip of the vibrator will be much easier to use as it won’t be harder to use as needed
* Fits smoothly – This will grip within the body and stimulate many parts in one’s opening quite well

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